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Cheryl travelled all over Canada and the US these past few months including some East Coast Indian Reservations in New Brunswick and as far away as North Carolina.

In August, Cheryl Bear will be partnering with Jonathan Maracle and Broken Walls and Rita Bear-Grey for a Ministry Tour of Scotland. Please pray for a great time of Ministry everywhere they all go and share the Good News about Jesus.


Randy spent this past school year teaching in the Bible College,

We have 11 students, presently, in our Ministry Training Program.

Several Outreaches were taken around the Western Reservations, including several days on the Island, Merritt, BC and over a week in the Far North to Kitimaat, Gitanyou, Gitsegukla, Kispiox, and Nazko, all remote Native communities.

On the weekends the students help out with the “Street Church”, a ministry in the poorest neighborhood in Canada- Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. This community also happens to be 50% Indigenous First Nations people who have moved here from all over the North. Pray for the students that God will open effective doors of service for the Bible College students in reaching the First Nations people of Canada and the USA. One of our former graduates, Christina Dawson and her husband, Virgil, now serve as Assistant Pastor of the Street Church. Another graduate, Michael and Cecille McKay are starting a new church plant. Hans and Ann Sanderson (Class of 2015) have recently returned home to Winnipeg and are beginning a ministry there. The students are on summer break and classes resume on September 8, 2015. Information about the college is online at

Dear Friend, we need your help in this work of ministry to the Indigenous Peoples of North America?We need to raise our own support for our ministry work. ?We need people to stand with us on a regular basis with prayer and finances.

CANADA: Canadian donors send your donation payable to KINGSWAY CHURCH, 4061 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 1Z1

Please write on your cheque “Cheryl Bear and Randy Barnetson”.

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God bless YOU and your family!

Randy and Cheryl





Cheryl Bear-Barnetson and Randy Barnetson  are involved in 3 ministries. 


We have visited over half of all the First Nations communities and Reservations in the USA and Canada and our goal is to get to every Native community in our lifetime sharing the Gospel in story and song. and


Secondly, we are training a new generation of First Nations men and women to lead churches and plant new churches in Native communities, through  First Nations Bible College  


Thirdly, we are ministering to the marginalized and homeless in Canada’s poorest neighborhood through the Street Church in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.   


We need to raise our own support for our ministry work. 

Thank you for your prayers and kind support.

If you would like to partner with us:


CANADA:    Canadian donors send your donation payable to KINGSWAY CHURCH, 4061 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC  V5H 1Z1  Please write on your cheque “Cheryl Bear and Randy Barnetson”. 

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USA:    Americans send your donation payable to:

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All donations will be sent charitable tax-deduction receipts at year end.  Thank you!


February 2014 Newsletter


WHY have a First Nations Bible College?

There is a great need for trained Indigenous Pastors and Contextualized Churches on the Reservations and in the Urban areas of the cities across North America.

As we have traveled and visited more than 600 of the 1000 First Nations Reservations and Reserves in Canada and the USA we have observed:

1. There is a need for more trained Indigenous leaders and Pastors.
2. Many communities do not have even one local fellowship of Christians.
3. Where churches do exist, often the minister or pastor is a non-Indigenous person, who tend to stay for shorter period periods of time. These churches, at times, go for years without Pastors.
4. Where non-denominational or independent churches exist, sometimes the leadership wants more training in Biblical ministry and contextualized approaches to ministry.
5. There is a need for urban Native churches to serve the Indigenous population that has moved off-reserve to the city.
6. God is calling young Indigenous leadership to minister for Him and some are able to go to a Seminary for degree programs, but many people can be better served through a non-accredited culturally sensitive school that has more flexibility and hands-on style of mentoring.

Those who have followed our ministry know that we have a Bible College program that we have directed for many years. The College was previously located in Vancouver and for a few years it was located in Los Angeles.

In 2008, our First Nations Bible College reverted to an On-Line Internet program for students. This method has not been as effective as our previous method of having a classroom style College in a fixed location.

So, we are feeling led by the Lord, to once again revert back to having a REGULAR CLASSROOM STYLE SCHOOL to train and mentor First Nations leaders and Pastors.

We believe that the answer for the healing of our First Nations communities from the effects of colonialism and residential schools, is to have Christ-centred, Bible-believing, authentic contextualized churches right on the Reservation - pastored by a First Nations pastor and that these churches will live out the life of Jesus for the healing of their community! Jesus is the Hope for the First Nations!

We believe our role is to train and mentor leaders and pastors through our First Nations Bible College and to help them to go back to their communities and start churches!

Our new College campus will be located in Vancouver, Canada
We will be using the facilities of
Vancouver Foursquare Church located at 175 East Hastings St.
I will also be the lead pastor of this church, effective immediately.
Our Fall session is set to begin on September 9, 2014.
Those interested can contact us at:

Students accepted into the program will not be required to pay any tuition, similar to models used by some fine schools.
Courses are taught “module/intensive” style and so new students can enroll at any time. We are developing our website

Students will get practical ministry experience, in addition to classroom work, by being involved in the life and ministry of this church, which is located in the middle of a large Urban Native population in Vancouver.

Another component of the student’s training will be to go to Reservations sharing Jesus in story and music. It is our goal to personally visit the remaining 400 Reservations and communities that we have not visited as of yet - before Jesus returns! We are glad that students will have the opportunity to travel with us as we continue this life – long odyssey of eventually visiting all 1000 First Nations in Canada and the USA.

Cheryl is glad for every opportunitiy and invitation to speak at conferences and churches across the land informing the larger Non-Native Church across North America about Indigenous issues and strategizing with God’s people about effective First Nations Ministry. In that regard, Cheryl’s new book “Introduction to First Nations Ministry” is fast becoming an accepted “How to Book” on Indigenous ministry.

Please Pray for this vision to come in to full reality in the months ahead!.

January 2014
We have now visited over 600 First Nations communities, Reservations and Reserves in all 50 states of the United States and in all 10 provinces and all 3 territories in Canada.
Everywhere we go we share the Good Story that the Creator loved the world so much He sent His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, to die on a cross for our cleansing from sin.  Jesus was raised from the dead by the Creator and wants to walk with us on the Good Road that leads to Creator.  We must believe this and choose to follow Jesus, turning from sin, and giving our lives to His will and care.  (The Bible: John’s Gospel  chapter 3 verse 16 and chapter 14 verse 6).

We share this message through free music concerts where we use original native style music and stories,  We have had great success introducing many people to Jesus and the new life He wants to give.
However, we still have 400 more places that we have never been to yet!    There are 1000 First Nations communities all together.
Most of the places that we still need to go to are isolated communities in Northern Canada.  Often it costs $500 or more to fly into remote villages.
In this new year of 2014 would you, your family  or your church group please consider partnering with us in this good work of going to remote villages.

October 2013   This summer we traveled the entire length of Highway 16 (The Highway of Tears) in Canada, visiting Indigenous communities.  We held several concerts and encouraged First Nations leaders and ministers along the way.
We spent some time in the US Midwest including concerts in the Prison system of Minnesota.
We had a booth at the large Truth and Reconciliation Gathering in Vancouver attended by thousands of residential school survivors where we prayed with many people and gave away hundreds of First Nations stylized copies of the New Testament.

August  2013
Last month we traveled all over Alberta including visiting many areas that were flooded in the terrible flooding of southern Alberta.  In Lac la Biche we had opportunity to reach hundreds of First Nations people during the annual Pow Wow Days through several outdoor events right on the Fair grounds.  We also ministered in Phoenix, Arizona and Siletz Reservation in Oregon.  We had a Bible table at the Annual Elder's Gathering in Prince George attended by 4000 people from all over BC and Cheryl sang some songs on stage there.  We ministered at a Music Festival in Houston, BC and were blessed to attend the Wiconi Family Camp in Oregon where Cheryl was one of the speakers.

July  2013
This past month we traveled in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and Oregon.
Cheryl spent a few days in Quebec recording some of her songs  for APTN, the Aboriginal People's Television Network.  This is an exciting opportunity to have her songs played for thousands of viewers on upcoming television programs.
With the coming of summer we have been doing outdoor concert events which we enjoy very much!

May  2013
The month of May we were in Ontario, New York, Alberta, and Northern BC.  Special highlights were singing at a school assembly for 650 students and another school with 400 students, and traveling into the very remote First Nations community of Fort Babine.

April 2013
We love to partner with churches and groups who serve among the First Nations and share the Good Nerws about Creator's Son, Jesus.
In the past few weeks we have worked with 14 different groups.
Our concerts complement the hard work done all year long by those ministries.

March 2013 
March is Winter time in Canada.  So we turned the heater up, put the snow tires on, and plowed out into the Interior of BC and Washington State to visit several of the Okanagan Tribes.
We also attended the Richard Twiss Memorial Weekend in the Portland area.  What a blessing to see hundreds of mutual friends of the Twiss family and ourselves. Everyone was encouraged by Richard's legacy and example of faithful service.

February 2013
After more than 2 years of fighting cancer, our daughter in law, Melissa, went to be with Jesus this past month.  
Thank you to everyone for all your love and prayers.  
Our family is just starting to move on now from this "long good-bye"
It is hard to see someone you love slip away.  
But we have that glad and certain hope that we will see our loved ones, who die in the Lord, again one day, all because of Jesus and his death on the cross and resurrection to new life that gives us new life through faith in Him.

A few days later we also lost a great friend of this contextualized style ministry to First Nations, Dr. Richard Twiss.

Heaven is sounding sweeter ...

January 2013
During December we traveled in the north of British Columbia close to the Alaska border.  It was very snowy and cold, but we had a warm reception in every place.  One village in particular, Gitladamix, we had a great meeting in which many responded to our message and we prayed with lots of people.
After Christmas we have stayed in Vancouver spending every day visiting at the hospital with our daughter in law, Melissa who is married to Aaron, Randy's oldest son.  Melissa is in pallative care in the final stages of cancer.  Please keep her in your prayers. This is hard on the whole family.  The good news is she will be with Jesus in heaven, where the Bible says there is no more sickness.

November 2012

Lots of cool things happened this past month:
Cheryl was the guest music for the Gitxsan Nation at their National Assembly of Chiefs.
What an honour to speak to Native leaders on such a scale!  Cheryl shared the Great Story of Jesus, Creator's Son, the hope for all nations and peoples who believe on Him.
Jesus said "You will speak before governors and kings... this will be your opportunity to tell them about me." Mark 13:9 NLT

There were also television appearances and the receiving of a Covenant Award in Toronto for "Aboriginal song of the Year" for the song A'BA (Carrier word for "Father"), the title song of Cheryl's new album.  
This new CD would make a wonderful Christmas gift for someone!  If you send us $20 we will send it to you post paid in time for Christmas.  We can also send all 3 of Cheryl's CDs to you for $50 postpaid.

These "big" events are not the main things we do, however. Mostly what we continue to do is travel to small First Nations communities, have concerts in the local school or Hall, give out flyers and invitations, and then sing and share with the 25 - 50 people who come out to the meeting.  We love this and thank God for the opportunity to travel across Indian country telling the Good News about Jesus.

October 2012

Cheryl's New Album receives 5 Music Award Nominations
We will be attending 3 music award ceremonies this next month in Manitoba, Ontario and New York.
These award ceremonies have the effect of giving us new invitations from leaders in First Nations communities to come and to have concerts, workshops, and meetings.
New award's net effect = new opportunities to share about Jesus!

September 2012
We love summer time because we can do outdoor events.
In the past month we have held eight outdoor concerts as well as many indoor meetings too.
Thank you for partnering with us in prayer and loving support.  You share in the harvest.
It is our goal to visit every single one of the 1000 First Nations communities in Canada and the USA sharing the Good News about Jesus through concerts.  So far, over the last 10 years we have visited over 530 Reservations.

Summer 2012
 Islanders of Hawaii, Choctaw of Mississippi, Ojibway of Ontario, Cree and Metis of Alberta, Nooksack, Lummi, and Muckleshoot of Washington along with several tribes of Vancouver Island are some of the people groups that we have visited this summer. Last summer we were in the Arctic and this summer it has been much warmer!
Thank you for partnering with us in prayer and loving support. You share in the harvest.
It is our goal to visit every single one of the 1000 First Nations communities in Canada and the USA sharing the Good News about Jesus with stories, songs, and just being with the people.

May 2012
We led a team outreach to the big island of Hawaii this past month.
First Nations Drummers and Dancers are a very effective way of sharing the Good Story of Jesus.
We use cultural style music, drumming and dancing to open people's hearts to the message that the Creator sent His Son to the world.
Jesus came to save people from their sins, by dying on the cross, shedding His blood and rising again on the third day.
This is the core message of our teams.
First Nations from Canada and the USA joined together to make up this team.
Over the years we have taken teams to over 30 nations around the world.
In Hawaii we found a very strong Indigenous Church among the Native Hawaiians.
They actually have much to teach us about how to be effective witnesses for Christ.
There was wonderful fellowship shared between our Team and the people of Hawaii.
We were able to share with many up and coming missionaries who are training at Youth With A Mission's University of the Nations in Kona.
Hawaii was the only state, province or territory we had not been to before.

So far, we have been to more than 500 of the 1000 First Nations communities and Reservations in the USA and Canada.
Thank you for your partnership in this work.  Your donations and prayers

April 2012
.About 16 hours north and west of Vancouver by road is the First Nation of Bella Coola, one of the most isolated communities in North America.  Anyone who saw the movie "The Hulk" will remember the last scene where actor Edward Norton is running through a field in Bella Coola surrounded by 360 degree majestic mountains.  Our friends, Chuck & Julie Lucas are planting a church there called "The House of Comfort".  We have partnered with them many times, over the years, to share the Creator's love through Jesus Christ with the 1000 tribal members.  Once again, this past month, Cheryl had a busy schedule of concerts, teachings and workshops and community events, dinners etc. in Bella Coola.  Pray for Chuck and Julie who live there full time and are doing a wonderful work.
Pray for our outreach to Hawaii next month and the members of our culture drum and dance team as we share the Good News that Creator sent His Son, Jesus Christ to die for our sins and is raised from the dead to give new life to all people who believe in Him.  We do this through Indigenous songs and dance and spoken messages.

March 2012
.Truth and Reconciliation Commission Hearings
.As part of the largest class action suit settlement in Canadian history there are Public Hearings going on in First Nations communities across Canada to hear the stories of Indian Residential School Survivors - stories of abuse and rape.
As part of the healing process Cheryl has been singing and sharing at each of the hearings.  We traveled to Port Hardy, Campbell River and will continue on to Port Alberni, Cowichan and Victoria, BC.  We gift Cheryl's music cds to each person who shares their story and we have a lot of opportunities to pray with people and share the Good News about Jesus, the Healer of broken hearts. We are so thankful to God who has been giving us very creative ways to do the work of evangelism.  All of this work is volunteer, and so we appreciate so much those of you who help support our ministry with regular donations.  You are our partners in this very valuable work and ministry to the First Nations. Musi Cho (Thank you)

February 2012

Report from Hobbema, Alberta
and announcing the dates of our Upcoming Overseas Team Outreach May 14 - 21, 2012  HAWAII

Hobbema is an area comprised of 4 large Indian reserves in central Alberta among the Cree First Nation.
We had the joy of traveling to Alberta and having meetings there this past month.  Although the weather was harsh (-30 degrees below zero) we still had crowds of 75 or more.  A few people made decisions to follow Jesus and are in contact with a good local church in Wetaskiwin and Louis Bull.  We were able to gift a copy of Cheryl's CD "The Good Road" to many people.

Hawaii Outreach - We are taking applications for our upcoming overseas team outreach to Hawaii. Deadline to apply is March 12th. Send an email with your name , address and phone number to and we will contact you with details and costs.
We would like to take a team of First Nations people as a culture team of drummers and dancers. We are also open to a few non-Indigenous christians to come along in a support capacity to the team.

January 2012
.Our Creator Father has gifted us all with a New Year in which to share His love and Story with the Nations.
Our goal for 2012 is to visit the last remaining state in the USA that we have never been to - Hawaii.  
Northern Canada, with its many remote First Nations communities is also a priority for us.  
Last month, December, we made our annual visit to the South-west of the USA with ministry
in California and Oregon, as well as some new communities on Vancouver Island.
Cheryl's newest cd album of original songs "A' BA" has been released!
If you want a copy contact her at
If you would like to help us in our ministry work of visiting all 1000 First Nations communities and
reservations in the USA and Canada sharing the Good News about Creator's Son, Jesus,
(so far, we have visited 500), please consider making a donation to this ministry.

November 2011
October and November was spent traveling in the Canadian Prairie provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  Several new First Nations were visited.  This brings us to a total of 500 Native communities that we have ministered in over the past several years.  This represents one-half of all First Nations communities in the United States and Canada.  We have traveled to every Province and Territory in Canada and to every State in the USA with the exception of Hawaii.  It is our goal to visit Hawaii in 2012.  In every place and with every opportunity we share the Good Story of Creator's Son, Jesus Christ, His love for all peoples and His free gift of eternal life.

Summer 2011  -  The Arctic
Summer is a good time to travel to the First Nations in the high Arctic.
We ministered in the Yukon and the North West Territories. We finish up this month with concerts in Iqaluit, Nunavut.
The Truth and Reconciliation Conference in Inuvik was a highlight of our summer, not only because of the 1500 attendees but also because it was a high profile meeting sponsored by the Government of Canada for Residential School Survivors to share their story and seek avenues of healing.
We partnered with the local church community to point men and women to Jesus, the Great Healer.  The Good News about Jesus Christ, Creator's son, and Saviour of all peoples was shared very powerfully in the Arctic this summer.

June 2011
.Ontario, Manitoba, Montana, BC, Alberta
.Our family ministered this past month in Pikangikum, a remote Ojibway community in Ontario. We spent several days each in Prince George, BC, Winnipeg, and on the Flathead Reservation in Montana.
We ended the month in Alberta's two largest urban centres of Calgary and Edmonton, home to thousands of First Nations people.
Next month we will be going into the Arctic- to the Yukon and North West Territories.

May 2011
We had some tremendous ministry on several Reservations  this past month in Idaho and Eastern Washington.
The Kallispell, Spokane, and Yakima tribes were receptive to our message, especially the youth.

March 2011
.We visited many urban centers and reservations this month and had concerts in Elementary School assemblies, community halls, churches and at youth events.
In one village, Lil'Wat, 16 bald eagles circled above the hall as we were unloading our sound equipment, to the amazement of many people.  An Elder told us that the eagles were "welcoming" us.  That evening the place was packed and we had a wonderful meeting with great freedom to share, as we do in every place, that the Creator sent His Son Jesus to give eternal life to all who believe.

February 2011  MEXICO and Southern California
January is cold in Northern Canada, especially living in an RV as we do,
so January was perfect for a trip to the Southwest tribes and to Mexico.  
So we made like the Canada goose and went south !
Our goal is to visit every one of the 1000 First Nations communities in Canada and the USA ,
sharing the Good News about Jesus.  So far, we have been to over 400 over the past 3 years.
.During January we visited 12 communities among the Siletz, Cahuilla, Tongva and Kumyaay tribes in the U.S. and the PaiPai tribe in Mexico.
Our sons, Paul, Randall and Justice have developed quite a good musical presentation for youth, which they give for 15 minutes during our meetings (usually after Cheryl sings and before Randy preaches) and so we have noticed more young people attending our outreaches.

Merry CHRISTmas 2010  & prayers for peace & joy in 2011
We attended our denomination's annual gathering and were encouraged and refreshed.  The Church (universal) is made up of many families, much like any community has its Smiths or Johnsons etc.  The church family that we are members of is the "Foursquare" family.  It's where we belong and who we are accountable to.  For better or worse, it is our family and we love it!   
But our area of specialty is First Nations evangelism and we are happy to serve along side of any "family" (denomination) that is serving a First Nations community.
This past year we had the privilege of strengthening the work of the Anglican, Pentecostal Assemblies, Baptist, Salvation Army, Christian Reformed, Mennonite, C & M Alliance, Methodist, Vineyard, Evangelical Free, Roman Catholic, United, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Nazarene, PAO Newfoundland, and Independant churches across the USA and Canada.
May our Creator Father bless each and every Church group that proclaims the wonderful Good News of Jesus to the First Nations!
Jesus said that the world will know we are His disciples by our love for one another..
October 2010.  Africa.
Half the month was spent in Alberta visiting several First Nations communities and having concerts, singing and telling the Good News about Jesus.  One highlight was Siksika First Nation where many people were blessed by the ministry.
The last half of October was spent in South Africa at the Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization.  It was a privilege to meet together with 5000 leaders from all over the world and strategize on ways to reach the nations of the world- including the Indigenous peoples!
September  2010.  Pacific North West.
This month we ministered on several Reservations in Washington including Lummi and Muckleshoot. Then we went on an exteded tour of the Kwakiutl villages on the North west coast of BC.  A week of heavy rains flooded one village and destroyed many homes.  We were able to have timely concerts for people who were hurting from terrible losses. Christ is the comfort giver.
Summer 2010  Alaska to Oklahoma
.Our Summer was spent traveling from Alaska to Oklahoma and back up north again through 12 states, 3 provinces and 2 Territories visiting many First Nations communities and reservations.  Our goal is to visit (eventually) every one of the 1000 places in Canada and the USA where the Indigenous peoples live.
We were able to visit the most isolated community of all- Old Crow, Yukon Territory, which is inaccessible by land or water.  It was isolated from the outside world until the invention of the airplane.
Everywhere we go our message is the same- The Creator sent His Son, Jesus to show us the way to Creator, die as our cleansing sacrifice and to rise again from the dead to give new life to all who believe and trust in Him.  It is the Good News.   
This next month will see us go to many more communities on Vancouver Island, Washington, and in Alberta.  .
Spring 2010   Winter Olympics Outreach
The 4 First Nations Chiefs of the Vancouver area and the nation of Canada hosted the world for what many are saying was the best Winter Olympics ever.
We were kept quite busy with all of the outreach concert events organized by the inter-church program called "More Than Gold".  In addition we also had the privilege of singing at the main First Nations Pavilion in the heart of all the Olympic activity!  The Olympic Committee did not anticipate how much interest the First Nations would generate in the minds of the visitors from around the world as they built the seating area way too small- people were lined up for a couple of blocks trying to get in.  This confirms what we have been saying for years- First Nations people who use their cultural songs and dances, regalia and drums have an unique ability to share Jesus through this medium to the people of the world!  We have shared Christ, so far, with people in 34 countries around the world.  Native American Indian missions teams are a great place to invest mission