I serve as the Pastor at Vancouver Foursquare Church "Street Church" in the downtown eastside area of Vancouver and I serve as the Director of First Nations Bible College    www.fnbc.org 

We have served over one million homeless and addicted people on the Streets in the Nation's poorest neighbourhood over the past 20 years.

Our Church meets Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7 pm at 175 East Hastings St. in Vancouver

Our goal at the Bible College is to train leaders . pastors, evangelists, church planters and missionaries to  reach every one of the 1000 First Nations communities, reservations, reserves and settlements in the USA and Canada. So far, I have personally visited over 600 Indigenous communities.

Email:  info@randybarnetson.com

I appreciate that some people would like to partner with me in this  work, feeling it is a worthy investment. I do need regular and one-time donors to help us.

Thank you so much!
May the Lord also bless you and your family!

Donations can be sent to:
Street Church
PO Box 78029
Vancouver, BC
V5N 5W1